Wednesday, November 23, 2005

NEWS FLASH! Flannel Nightgown Media Reports on Kuala Lumpur's cleanest toilet.

Story Date: 2005-Nov-23 at 07:15:38

Kuala Lumpur City unveils its top toilets

Categories: Global / politics / Asia

Nov. 23, 2005 (Xinhua News Agency delivered by Newstex) --

KUALA LUMPUR, Nov. 23 (Xinhua) -- The Kuala Lumpur City Hall Wednesday unveiled the cleanest toilets in the city and granted certificates to them.
The honored toilets included those at the city's landmark building Kuala Lumpur Tower, the city's road and railway traffic hub KL Sentral, and the Federal Territory Mosque, officials from the City Hall said at a city-level activity held here on Wednesday to mark the World Toilet Day.

More from Pajamas Media s as laughs require ......bwahahahahahahahahaha

Addendum 5:43 a.m. I don't know where today is going? But it just got a little more light hearted. The PJM Death Pool is borne (announcements went out yesterday).

I'm two days late with the Young Curmudgeon as well ..... but worth it just for the comments (well one anyway, rhymes with Bronski)

And the Moderate Voice takes a ..... well, moderate tone (oh, like we haven't heard that before).

And Dar Commissar has a lil' thang going on, with a visit from Big Mo hizzself (in the comments of course). Via Althouse.
Pajamas Media - The Monster of the Blogosphere

And their off, out of the gate ..... heading for the first turn. For those of you just tuning in, we are broadcasting live from beautiful Leather Hide Park. Giving you today's running of the blogosphere's 812th, dead horse derby. Brought to you by our sponsors at Open Sores Media themselves.
(There's a click through you'll have to deal with .... Sorry, ain't me.)

Does anyone know how to butter their toast better than Kevin Aylward? He may take a shot at his own blogging style once in a blue moon, but there is no better blogpimp than him. A master. So, without further doo doo (from Elmo) we give you:
Pajamas Media Logo Contest [fifty government issue dollars, to the winner via PayPal (get on it beeotch)].

A hunk a hunk a burnin' hog (on ice) has: Look how many entries I got for the "Name Pajama Media" contest!

Addendum 5:19 p.m. [of course most of the adds above, were added at various intervals throughout the day, without time stamping (I was lazy)]. Just wanted to say, I'm going to do something I haven't done for a little while now. Sip some spirits, and spin some platters (the thermionic devices have been aglow for a little while now). A warm Thanksgiving to all of you fine folks, and Thank You for making my first month as a blogger invigorating. Cheers, Elmo.

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