Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Secret Photos, from Yesterday's Pajamas Media Secret Meeting.

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Agent 86 seen here in happier times (sans fedora)

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Enroute to the big meeting.

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Discussing a few minor details before all of the board members arrive.

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We won't actually use the words: 'taken to the cleaners' when we talk with the investors, O.K. 99? Right Max.

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The big (secret) meeting finally begins.

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O.K. Max ... how much of our money do you have left?

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And what about that world wide network of journalists?

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Well uh ..... we've been kinda busy you see. What with those dreaded incoming comedy bombs and all. But would you believe we're onto 'em?

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In fact, I've devised a secret plan for dealing with that lawyer dame.

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By the way ...... do you validate?

Earlier today, over at Althouse I posted a comment along the lines of 'who cares?' (about OSM/Pajamas Media). And really, who does. I could pile on, and toss a few negative adjectives around (but why). I still don't give a rodent's posterior about (see negative adjectives).

But, that doesn't mean I don't see any more life left in a leetle funny bidness now. I mean, I'll play for cheap laughs, if I can. I wan't to at least be consistent. Let no one say that Anechoic Room is inconsistent [no Sir/Maam (of course we all know that they are saying a whole bunch of other thingees)].

So, until another dead horse comes along, to plant the comedy flag upon. We'll stand ever so fearlessly (and yes gleefully) atop this one's moribund leathery hide.

Some more funny from Catch.com (via Carpenter Ann at DtP)
Excuse us while we pee ourselves with embarrassment

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Some photos courtesy of the very nice and generous Kristina Johnson.
Kristina's Get Smart Site


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