Saturday, November 19, 2005

Rap Music Cause of French Riots

(I thought Dub listened to country?)

French rappers' prophecies come true

"What is it, what is it you're waiting for to start the fire? / The years go by, but everything is still the same / Which makes me ask, how much longer can it last?"

The words are from the 1995 song They Don't Understand, by one of France's best-known rap singers, Joey Starr of the group NTM.

He was far from alone in providing a grim prophecy of the events of the last three weeks.


No ..... but seriously

Brussels Journal From the desk of Paul Belien on Fri, 2005-11-18 23:23

France's Toll of Destruction

Not a single word in the press anymore about the ongoing vandalism in France’s lost neighbourhoods. Yesterday the French government officially declared the riots over. Police figures are at exactly 98 cars torched on Wednesday night. This, the police say, is “a normal average.” Consequently the 20th consecutive night of violence was declared the last one.

Last night probably another hundred cars were set ablaze – as will be the case tonight, tomorrow night, and the following ones.

Addendum; Tuesday, November 29, 2005

The Real Cause of the French Riots.


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