Monday, November 21, 2005

OSM Eyesight and Reality Construct (Blogger) Admission Test /OSMERCAT.

All questions are mulitple choice, let's begin.

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1) It says what I say it says.
2) Depends on what the definition of question is?
3) Gosh I need a drink.

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1) It's just a little scratch.
2) No, it's fine, I can still drive it. Really.
3) No problem, what are you talking about. I've seen worse leaving Bel Air's west gate.

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1) Missed it by that much.
2) It'll still fly, a little bondo .... some paint. Be good as new.
3) It's O.K. we were gonna get a G5 anyway. No, Really.

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1) My what a lovely chair. How much are they?
2) Can I get one with a small brass plaque with my name on it?
3) When will it be on sale? Soon you say ..... My soul? Hmmmm ..... I'll get back to you. What's your cell number?

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1) Kenton Kelly who?
2) No Babe, you're my one and only.
3) One day you'll be a big blogstar, some more Champagne Sweetie?

Well, it's a new day. Yesterday certainly was interesting wasn't it, as well a big relief. Rooting for the little guy, and sonnofa'b, he WON!. I don't know any of the main players personally, but it was disturbing to a degree. To see some of the slightly lessers, engaging in less than principled behavior. In defense of the undefensible.

We can list a hundred reasons for those behaviors, and we can parallel a hundred rationalizations. It won't change the fact that it was wrong. The original act. And the sliming of those pointing out the King's less than regal attire.

So, it would possibly appear that a cleave is taking place in the right b-sphere? I don't know ..... I'm not sure. I do know that one or two people simply lost it. Engaging in Margaret Cho like activity [remember the pictures she posted? (how could you forget)]. I'm sure they had their reasons, even ones I can understand. I can however, be grateful that such behavior gives me very serious pause.

So, where does that leave us? I don't know.
Where are we going? I don't know.
We'll get there when we get there. We may lose a few along the way.
A few may stumble, a few may fall.

Politics and money be damned. May those of pure heart always triumph.
Always bathe in the light.

The Riehl World View has:
OSM - Where Is This Going?
"It just sort of started me thinking along certain lines. Maybe there will be an informal separation of sorts between OSM and non-OSM blogs. I hadn't thought of that before ..."

Then follows up with some straped on some ice skates (while dressed as a devil) and heads out for thin ice with: Is OSM The Anti-Christ? "I knew Rather wasn't going away that easy! Of course, if you still aren't convinced, there is this one image from their launch part at the W they DIDN'T show you. ; ) Just click to open."

IMAO/Frank J. has Fun OSM Trivia

Don't know how I missed this one? (though I never tried to "blog" OSM). I just had an interest in it. Still, a little irresponsible to miss such a solid presentation, from Hog On Ice. And I haven't even started on the comments. Drag That Dead Horse Over Here.

Outside the Beltway's, Monday Beltway Traffic Jam

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basil's blog Covered Dish Supper: 11/21/2005

Stop the ACLU's I am HiJacking This Site!!!!!


Blogger David N. Scott said...

Yeah, I really don't know much about it. I know Open Source dumped my blog, and they obfuscated Dennis' criticisms, and they all piled on him and Althouse. So that made me mad. Besides, theyre funny.

4:28 PM  
Blogger AnechoicRoom said...

(Loved your "GENCON" post. Families hanging out together ..... just doing stuff).

Last few days, I saw some things on the b-spere, which I'd only seen once or twice before. But when I had, I had seen them being perpetrated by the left. I was most certainly disappointed.

Nothing would make me feel better than Dennis having a grand ole time away from the console. Althouse seems like a pretty tough customer. Heck, she demarcated the sand some time ago. SDB, that I really found troubling.

But hey, we're alive. Living to blog another day.

4:58 PM  

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