Monday, November 28, 2005

How not to start a blog, in ten easy lessons. One .... you don't need Pajamas.

We'll, they're optional anyway. A functional computer, a stable zippy connection, a thick epidermis. Oh, and something to spew. That should get you into the third floor basement (elevator or stairs, your choice). Now .... if you want to run with the big boys and girls? You'll need to take a page or two out of their playbook. Specifically of course, we are referring to those masters of the blogoverse ....the ones, the only Pajamas Media. Ladies and Gentlemen a big round of applause for the flannel uberwankers.

And now .... with out further ado, we present: "How not to start a blog, in ten easy lessons."

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Even for the most accomplished lothario, professing your love to three hundred is a chancy proposition.

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Soon the day comes, when you have to tell some of them the sad news.

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As in two hundred and thirty of them, to be exact.

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And there always seems to be one who doesn't quite get the message (not that you ever told her).

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Are they still here? Keep smiling .....

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To cover over the rough spots, a little dancing on some little pink clouds, in a Rainbow Room is in order.

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Of course, don't let anything like not having a design or a business plan get in your way.

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And sometimes it may be best, to have your own legal counsel?

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One may also want to keep in mind, when confiding how big and bad one's boat is. That over the internet, some may offer up a challenge?

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And well ...... three point five mil just doesn't buy the same amount of aquatic horseflesh it once did (with seven however, you can also acquire a small canopy).

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Where's Blair? Tim! ..... Tim! Where are you?! Are you there??? Tiiiiimmmmmmm???????

The Politburo Diktat has his own skewerfest going
Announcing Flannels Media (FLM).

The gloves are off over at Shooting the Messenger (via Moxie)

What the hell do I know? And what the hell does this guy know? Well ..... he is feeling proud. Mighty even (proud that is). Pajamas Media is doomed… sayeth the Flannel Avenger.

Shoot me ..... this has nothing to do with Pajamas Media (tough teeties). But it is mighty fookin' funny (and it's about da/dem joos).
From Those B*stards!: "Oy! (Subliminal José de Goya strikes)."
Highly Recommended.

Addendum; Thursday, February 2, 2006, 4:30 a.m.

Well now, call me surprised. THANK YOU, very much. A more than pleasant way to start off the day (that, and waking up with a pretty snarky idea for yet another Pajamas Media post, before even rolling out of bed).

Where are 2005's best posts? They're here. A compilation of the best posts we (and our readers) could find, from 2005. That Mister Snitch! really puts out. And simply for the love of blogging (that's what I'm talking about Willis).

Scrolling down just a little gets you ....... "Of interest to writers in the 'sphere: Insightful or useful to bloggers"/ How not to start a blog in ten easy lessons (illustrated): The Pajamas Media story.

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