Monday, October 31, 2005

Remember when showering with the CIA .... never drop the soap

A quite good read this morning over at FrontPageMag, about those nasty pos's over at Langley. Recommended. The whole affair remninds me of a scene out of Apocalypse Now:

Clean asks Willard about the journey upriver, "Is it gonna be hairy?," and learns: "I don't know, kid. Yeah, probably." Chef ("raised to be a saucier") and Willard leave the boat at night, in a stunningly-visual sequence, to search for fruit (mangoes). Dwarfed by the eerieness of nature all around and the trees above them, Chef and Willard (on guard against VC) are attacked by a ferocious but beautiful Asian tiger. Chef is terrified and becomes unglued after retreating to the safety of the boat. Willard vows (in voice-over) that they must "never drop the soap"

Further thoughts, 6:26 a.m.

Though the greater quantity of dross floating around MSM's castle, the last few hours, days and weeks. Is that Bush is a toothbrush mustachioed gent, Rove has pointy ears. And the rest inside the White House, should be watched at family gatherings. I'm still unchanged in my view that this is a CIA clusterf*ck. Anyone else who may still have any more interest in the whole shebang? May find these recent blog entrees worth
a bite.

How Covert Was Valerie Plame (III)? at JustOneMinute blog

And Who's Minding The CIA? at Riehl World View

Via Political Teen, linking Instapubndit.


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