Sunday, October 30, 2005

"bloodstained streets and mangled stalls of wood and twisted metal"

No need to click on/through the link. I'm not going to make this another sobby site. In fact, since putting on a blogger badge, I've tended to look at the news at large, the whole. The ambient temp, rather than the fluctuation spikes from the story of the minute.

It's just that this (twelfth paragraph) really stood out while I was reading the story:

"The first explosion hit at 5:45 p.m. in New Delhiā€™s main Paharganj market, killing 16 people and leaving bloodstained streets and mangled stalls of wood and twisted metal. Within minutes, an explosion at the Sarojini Nagar market killed 43 people and a bomb meant for a bus in the Govindpuri neighborhood injured nine."

All I could think of was those poor streets and market stalls, and that lucky bus (sarc tag on).


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