Saturday, October 29, 2005

Last Night I Had the Strangest Dream

I knew of a soiree at Hollyhock House, with a no host bar. Beginning at eight. Only problem ...... my pockets were turned inside out (figuratively), and it was about six-thirty. It was already dark out and, since I was already there .... I wandered in.

Through the side and with a strong wind blowing at my back as I entered. Pushing a swirl of leaves in with me. I made my way to the bar, which was not as long as most in length, but deeper than many in width. And rather casually, not as tall as most in height.

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Standing behind the bar was Danny DeVito. I was gonna hit Dan up for something to wet my whistle, when I remembered. That I work there, at the bar. So I sez to Danny: how bout an advance? Just loud enough, so that the man standing next to him, the manager, Charlton Heston, could also hear.

Chuck says: sure, no problem. And asks how much? I say fiddy. Needless to say .... the dream had a happy ending.


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