Tuesday, October 25, 2005

A Disturbance in the Force

Lots goin' roun the sphere the last few days and weeks (longer actually), about Pajamas Media (I really should go through the Althouse posts, which I haven't even begun to look at yet). To me, more interesting than the wheels falling off of a virtual car. Is the story of the story. All the different perspectives on offer, different experiences with the principles. And the thought/s brought to bear indirectly, tangentially, and in/on the general idea of Pajamas Media.

It wasn't as much a problem needing to be solved (or the ever present soiled MSM laundry, needing air). So much as a reaffirmation of the sphere. Seeming to take place all by itself. Auto correcting, auto pilot.

Courtesy of some chilly willy bloggers, giving us surprisingly sharp polaroids of the bedroom scenes. Others weighing in with some tasty (but reserved) snarkiness. And yet others coming from on high, hitting us with feather pillows, sleeved in cases of rainbow prints.

Whatever Pajamas Media is, whatever it was supposed to be. It won't displace, or replace that which already exists. In the physical, virtual or spiritual realms. Either through magic beans or a force majeure of prattle. Seems to me, change will come the usual ways (in ever smaller, but faster increments).

Remember back when, when certain sites became subscriber, pay to play? Tell me that wasn't strange. And how long before most sites had stopped requiring you to fork over your mailbox address? I don't know if Beta was better than VHS. I do know one constortium didn't like the posted price on offer per pound. And promptly went out and bred, raised, and drove to market, it's own fuggin herd.

So while it certainly appears that there are some very select cuts on display in the deli case. It doesn't mean that there aren't other places to shop, or that any of those shops are putting up velvet ropes.

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Addendum 10/26/05 12:45 p.m.

Wired is running a story online today: Will Pajamas Media Wake Up Blogs? But, as usual with MSM ..... miss at least half the story (in my estimation). I.E. the current currents swirling around a small part of the blogosphere. Almost as if the blogosphere doesn't even exist. Strange that.


For the life of me, can't get the links to go hyper. So, I've stopped trying.

Via http://dailyfisk.blogspot.com/2005/10/will-pajamas-media-wake-up-blogs.html


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