Sunday, October 23, 2005

Don't Listen to the Nihilists. Democracy is a Beautiful Thing.

At first I laughed when I read this at Iraq the Model, and thought .... hmmm those Iraqis sure have a dark sense of humor:

"One friend siad to me 'I was shocked when I saw Awad Al-Bandar (the chief of the former revolutionary tribunal) who sent countless numbers of people to execution ....
This former "judge" complained to the court demanding his igal (traditional headwear) ... and said that he won’t speak until he has his igal on his head again .....

my friend wondered 'were victims of that very man allowed to do the same?' one columnist commented on this issue in a newspaper by saying 'defendants in the past wouldn’t demand any headwear because after all what’s the benefit of one if the head itself was going to leave the body in a matter of a few hours?!'."

Then reading a little further, I was sad. Sad for the families of Saddam's victims. Sad that life could be so cheap.

And then, then I was happy. Happy that people never knowing a just society, now were:

"The mother who lost her father, husband and brother was calmer .... 'yesterday we avenged the blood of our martyrs, I can’t say how happy I was to see fear and anxiety in Saddam’s eyes'."

And then I was amazed. Amazed that recent articles are discussing whether or not democracy in Iraq, is/isn't will/won't stem terrorism. (As if things were better when Awad Al-Bandar was the 'judge', and killing was fast, efficient, and private. And his victims had no lawyers or igals).

Murderers may come, and murderers may go. Democracy and justice are forever.


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