Saturday, October 22, 2005

That's two. Two ..... two disgust's in one

I'm watching a few minutes of Charlie Rose last night. Having stopped for a moment, during remote scan. And he's got Christiane Amanpour in Baghdad, covering Saddam's trial.

There she is in all her splendor. Humming her warm soothing, marbled vocal tone, with her firm but comforting demeanor. Unable to mask that exact crystaline moment, brilliantly on display. Of the beginning, of the media rehabilitation of Saddam Hussein.

Sickening. Revolting.

Looking at Charlie's website, t'would appear to be a rebroadcast of Wednesday's show (?). But since I don't watch him, and didn't see the program's beginning, middle or end. Your guess is as good as mine.

Disgust number two? All referenced broadcasts, are only available for purchase. As audio or video. No free transcripts ($9.95). It's pay to play or pay to read.

That's O.K. Charlie .... I understand. I like Schramsberg too.


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