Thursday, November 10, 2005

Analysis / Fold up the road map

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Haaretz-Akiva Eldar-If Peretz becomes prime minister, they say, he will fold up the map and save the expense of traveling to Washington. He has promised them that the day after he steps into the Prime Minister's Office, he will invite Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas for direct negotiations on a final-status agreement - no more unilateral withdrawals, an end to belligerence, an end to conditioning the continuation of the peace process on "the dismantling of the terror infrastructures."

From above link:

Abbas told that PA security to collapse KHALED ABU TOAMEH RAMALLAH

The Palestinian Authority security forces are on the verge of collapse .... according to a letter sent by a large group of PA security officers to PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas.

The letter .... reflects growing resentment among the various branches of the PA security forces. It also contradicts claims by Abbas and senior PA leaders that they have taken practical steps to reform the security forces. In their letter, the officers said they rejected pressure from Israel and the US to crack down on local militias.

"We are the soldiers of the homeland, not [US security coordinator] General William Ward," they wrote. "We are neither a branch of the Israeli Shin Bet nor members of a hired gang serving certain centers of power." .... the officers went on to stress that their weapons would be used only against Israel and suspected "collaborators."

Addressing Abbas, the officers said: "We urge you to get acquainted with what's really happening inside the security forces .... corruption, mismanagement ..... the Palestinian security forces will collapse, only to be replaced by armed gangs which the Palestinian Authority won't be able to control."


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