Friday, November 04, 2005

Bush Tries to Improve U.S. Image at Summit

I guess Nedra didn't get her hookers and blow then?

At first superficial read, the banner would seem like Nedra drinks from the same punch bowl as the lefty blogosphere. And was either knocking Bush down to the imaginary curb, they mostly believe he is already at. Or, was backhandedly being a little sympathetic in service to the same theme.

But, I did a tiny spot a'Googling, and it would seem Nedra's not the left's go to girl. Actually very little bubbles to the surface about her (prolly should do a clustypeek?) So, where does that leave us? (I spew .... you decide).

P.S. Probably wouldn't hoyt if I actually read the linked story first .... (ya think?). Should I or shouldn't I? Only this blogger knows for sure :-)

Addendum 8:26 a.m.

Well, it's easy to see why the left doesn't fawn over her. She isn't one of their attack dogs. She even has a tiny flair for the smile inducing:

Bush and an outspoken critic, Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, also were likely to run into each other Friday, shortly after Chavez's speech to a demonstration of mostly anti-Bush protesters. "I will, of course, be polite," Bush told reporters

Chavez has joked about whether Bush is afraid of him and said he might sneak up and scare Bush at the summit. Chavez has said he would use the meeting as a stage to denounce the U.S. as a "capitalist, imperialist model"

Relations between Bush and Kirchner, a populist leader elected in the political upheaval that followed Argentina's economic collapse, have been chilly. The Argentine was an opponent of the war in Iraq and said before their meeting at the last Summit of the Americas that he would "win by a knockout" in his private meeting with Bush.

Addendum 8:43 a.m.

Well, Clusty reveals that she's the left's anti-poodle. Nothing like being a couple of years late to the party ......


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