Thursday, November 03, 2005

Skating Away on the Thin Ice of a New Reality

International Committee of the Red Cross

Iraq post 28 June 2004: .... the protection of persons deprived of freedom remains one of the ICRC's priorities. The ICRC's main objective is to visit all persons detained in connection with the hostilities in order to monitor whether their conditions of detention correspond to the requirements of applicable law.

I like the Geneva Convention. I like the idea of the Geneva Convention. But sadly, our top priority in a modern world is not giving out chips, dip, soda, cable, and laptops with wifi to 'detainees' (pick whatever other word floats your boat).

Our top priority is staying alive. Call it a cultural divide if you will? It's beyond the pale to ignore the current realities of the world stage. And then spend one's time splattering us with dirt and mud, for such. In fact, it is moronic.

How a new framing of the Geneva Convention (s), for this new conflict is undertaken, I do not know. And/or what it may speak? I do know that standing on the rule of law, defending it, merely/simply/only for the sake thereof. In the face of heathen butchery is suicidal

So, pick your 'side' in this global conflict of heart and mind, soul and body. Believe in your view, with your all. Sh*t .... even show the world how much you really care, by getting on a plane and heading to Iran now:

Right is right. Wrong is wrong. Neither words, nor time, will ever change thus.

Outside the Beltway's, Thursday afternoon, Beltway Traffic Jam


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