Wednesday, November 02, 2005

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas (for the Pajamas Media Naysayers)

Dennis the Peasant had a snortlingly good romp yesterday, titled "Lingerie Media" (my spelling). You can start with the above hyperlink and work your way down, or start here and work your way up (toss a coin).

Being a little Technorarti slut, revealed all manner and types of naysayers yesterday, cobbling up Pajamas Media's unborn carcass as well. Most were of the already stated.... can't see how it will work sort. Or the new, exclamatory: Judy Miller?!. A few repeating the they have icky poo politics argument. And the new one? All this humiliation may put a fire in their bellies? Of which I see myself as a possible current subscriber.

There are now so many dueling points of view competing for a main street showdown, that what seemed like a sure thing to be announced, christened, and then immediately put up for adoption. Now seems to me a little less sure.

So, what will be (Que Sera Sera) will be. We'll all just wait and see. Me, I tend to root for the underdog, which the flannel nightwear crowd now resembles more and more. And lastly, anyone who puts a large burr in Tom Tomorrow's dildo, I give an automatic yowzah to (could there be a larger sugar free macaroon?)

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