Wednesday, November 02, 2005

The Future is So Bright I'll Need Welding Goggles.

That's my usual snarky snappy retort to suggestions that the world is all warm and fuzzy. And militant radical Islam is just a group of cat fanciers. The goggle part of course being about the very real possibilty that nukes may soon fly. In the world. Once again (fifty years after Hiroshima). But then of course Dear Reader .... you already know that.

The above hyperlink is presented for a lovely philosophical gleam. That I myself had been unable to for some time, clearly elucidate. Though I had expressed countless times to many of my esteemed fellow Americans, on the other side of the aisle in broken verbal sentiment.

What Joe N. of No Pasaran! is talking about, referencing, is the BBC. Auntie Beeb. I have simply transposed the template, to fit the American left instead of Auntie. And thusly so, I have taken quite a large number of liberties with the below excised text. Changing a fair number of bits. But the luxuriant spirit expressed, remains the same.

Time wasted and effort spent trying to find the big lie. In January of 2009, when George Bush leaves office, what will the left do to fill the absence in their day with?

Will they have to go out and look for something to do? Will they catch on to the fact that they and their Bush Derangement Cult wasted so much time and energy inventing stories and irrational hatred over the course of 8 years.

The money spent, the time taken, the energy that could have gone into improving the world. The big lie sold to them by a press that pitched to them ginned-up stories and conspiracy theories dressed up as speculation, and minor items pitched as seminal.

The great distraction.


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