Sunday, January 08, 2006

This ain't no disco.

SPIEGEL ONLINE - The Rise of the Hard-liners?

Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon lies on his deathbed, and alongside him perhaps the hope of peace in the Middle East .....

One, THERE IS NO PEACE PROCESS. It does not exist. Period. Militant radical Islam wouldn't know the concept of peaceful coexistence, if they were fed it intravenously. Saying it five hundred f*cking times a day, at every lib, flower power, or MSM site fronting for the fifth column, does not create reality whole. Only the empty virtual pretend one, that bozoids occupy when they sing this Hare Krishna chant. Over, and over, and over again. It does of course provide a repository for the money and resource we and the world, give the peace/poverty pimps over at the U.N. (if they weren't sucking the life out of the hide of hope. G*d only knows what the foog they would be doing?). Sh*t, it even gives people at State something to do, a feeling of self worth, delusional though it may be.

However, to praise him as a prince of peace just because he pulled Israel out of the Gaza Strip would be an exaggeration .....

Two, ARIEL SHARON GAVE THE PALESTINIANS A STATE. It is their's now. They own it. To do with as they please. Either living in their own excrement, and blaming Israel, while firing ever larger missiles into Israeli suburbs. Or joining the 21st century? The choice is theirs. The only difference now, is that failure on the part of the Palestinians to learn how to change their own diapers. Could result in open warfare. Real death, real destruction.

Three, THERE WILL BE NO APOCALYPSE. Simply, just, and only the end of nukes in Iran, courtesy of Mad Mo. No more. No less. Arik's calm and reflection has given the world peace and security. The world mistaking this passivity for acquiescence. The little tussle that has been going on the last little while? Is only the small little get together it is, because of Israeli restraint. Iraq launched missiles into Israeli cities during the last meetup. Israel stood down.

No more. Mad Mo and his merry band of blood drinkers will not be tolerated by Israel henceforth. The world has largely chosen to ignore militant radical Islam, and continues to do so. While some rationalize, or even celebrate it. Iran's nuke pipeline will be shut down, this year, day of Israel's choosing, however which way. Diplomacy? Ah yes a Fwench word. Meaning absolutely fooging nothing in the year 2006. Though it is now indeed synonomous with appeasement (see: deviant Middle East sexual practices).

I haven't read this current WILLisms link, touching a little on the subject at hand. But he does enjoy good favor amongst many. I currently tend to ignore the mil strategists. It all seems mostly abstract to me, no matter how specific or detailed (contraindicated in a public forum). Or how hard they work to synthesize linearity. Me, I'm more of a mood and feelings kind of guy (cue Morris Albert). Yes, I've glanced a little in the recent past at some of the go/no go plans/strategies. And while I found some of them at least interesting, others I found laughable. My gut tells me 2006 is gonna be a very warm year (let's just say it bats a thou in conflagration prediction).

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So, please do remember (if you would?).... this ain't no disco,

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this ain't no ....

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fooling around.

World War III Began Yesterday, October 26, 2005. But the World Did Little Note.


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