Sunday, January 08, 2006

We haven't bombed them yet ..... WTF!

The Holocaust was the fault of ..... ? (you had better grab a chair and have a seat. We wouldn't want anyone to hurt themselves when they fall down laughing)

Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting News Network (IRIB News)

Tehran, Jan 3 - Newly released documents have revealed that Zionists had developed clandestine relations with Adolf Hitler and other Germany's ex-Nazi senior leaders. In his recent book, American historian Lennie Berner has argued for common ideological grounds between Zionism and Naziism.

The book has substantiated the cooperation in 51 historically reliable documents of cooperation between Zionists and German Nazi reports on a betrayal of Jews on the part of Zionist lobbies both prior to the onset of the World War Two and during the war.

Including among the documents, Berner tables documents affiliated to so-called Germany's Zionists Federation who had engaged in writings to Nazis during 1933. The historian believes that Zionist leaders at the time were exploiting anti-Semitism idea to push forward the Zionism culture.

It might be nice if these stinking Islamokazi bugs would make up their minds. One week, it (the Holocaust) never happened. And the next ..... well, it was the Jews' fault. Next week?


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