Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Warm fuzzies.

WASHINGTON - Air Force Tech Sgt. Jamie Dana and her bomb-sniffing dog, Rex ..... last June in Iraq, a roadside bomb exploded under their Humvee. Dana — with collapsed lungs, organ damage and massive internal bleeding — almost died. Rex, though, had only minor injuries and would soon be assigned to a new partner. But Dana, believing Rex was vital to her recovery, asked the Air Force for permission to adopt him.
The answer was yes, but it would take an act of Congress to grant a military working dog early retirement. Acting with unusual speed, Congress voted to change the law, the president signed it and two-and-a-half weeks ago, Dana officially adopted Rex.

How Mainers greet troops: hugs, fudge and 41 cellphones

Here at Bangor International Airport, she (Kay Lebowitz) bustles about, sliding next to them at the snack bar. "I always ask them if they have children," she says. "They love to talk about their babies." A planeload of US Marines, heading to Iraq, files in line to board. She strives to hug all 263 of them. "See you on the way back," she tells them.

"Kay, let 'em go," shouts a fellow volunteer at the front of the queue. "You're holding up the line." But the 90-year-old hardly notices that, either. Ms. Lebowitz is a member of the Maine Troop Greeters, a community group that has dutifully gathered at this tiny airport in central Maine since May 2003. At the close of this night last Tuesday, the group had tallied 1,403 flights, filled with 260,927 men and women in uniform.

Addendum; 4:00 a.m.

Fuzzy Math ..... Pastor gets 18 months for selling church and buying BMW.

MANTECA, CA - A pastor accused of selling the town's oldest church pleaded guilty to embezzlement on Monday and agreed to 18 months in prison, court officials said. Randall Radic, 53, entered his plea as part of a deal in which prosecutors agreed to drop nine other charges.

Radic had preached at First Congregational Church in Ripon for nearly a decade before he sold the church last October for $525,000, allegedly using the money to buy a BMW.


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