Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Swimming with the Snarks ....... Tuesday morning edition.

Hamas says it will use Islamic law as guide.

RAMALLAH, West Bank - Hamas will use sharia as a guide for legislation after winning Palestinian elections, but has no plan to enforce strict Islamic law, close bars or stop men and women mixing in public, a senior leader said on Sunday.

Translation: See, we can be just as corrupt as Fatah. We won't let our delusional belief in killing Jews, get in the way of a good time/business as usual. Or in other words, the religion of pieces is simply about getting along in the 21st century. Unless of course we're killing the Jew (or blowing up the U.N.'s beer hall in Gaza on New Years Day).

“We will not intervene in any aspect of Palestinian life ... except to convince people in a polite way,” said Mahmoud Ramahi, a member of the Hamas politburo who won a seat in the new parliament. (Yes, Palestinans are nothing if not polite).

“We are making efforts so that the sharia will be the source of legislation, but in order to implement Islamic rule, this needs a state. When we get a state, we will leave it to people to choose,” he told Reuters in an interview.

Those stoopid f*cking Israelis, giving Gaza to the French ...... idiots. I thought they were going to give it to the Palestinians? Oh well, what can you do .....

Hamas also hopes to try and win over Western donors that brand it a terrorist group for a suicide bombing campaign that killed hundreds of Israelis.

We wouldn't want anything like silly labels to get in the way of even more Jew killing. Or stop Reuters from their ever present minimalizing numbers game. I believe the general number is five thousand casualties, a thousand dead. Over the last two intifadas, by all the blood drinking insects. And no, I won't look it up.

“We won’t at any time introduce change by using force. We depend on cementing beliefs,” Ramahi said. “If people are convinced, then so be it.”

It is so hard not generalize and be filled with hate, rage, and anger. But, I'm not. The anger subsided a while ago. Now, I'm simply a pragmatist. Peace. War. Makes no f*cking difference. They can have whatever they want. And as much as they can handle. I'd rather they choose peace. It just is not going to happen in my lifetime. The need to crush bugs will also not rob me of life's enjoyment.

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Earth Options, plant-based active ingredients, natural clove scent! (Because really I'm a sensitive flower person).

Addendum; Wednesday, Feb. 1, 1:30 a.m.
From the Brussels Journal.

It appears that the Palestinians are indeed evolving somewhat in a modern world. Now showing a disdain for some who aren't hook nosed bagel eaters (like me). Giving the bum rush to blonde haired blue eyed types. Go Palestinians!

This morning armed Palestinians stormed the European Union office in Gaza City, threatening Danes and Norwegians and demanding that they leave. The Danish Foreign Ministry warned Danes to be extremely cautious while travelling in the Middle East and North Africa. Yesterday the Danish national flag was burned in the West Bank .....
The Palestinian terrorist organization Islamic Jihad announced yesterday that all Nordic people had 48 hours to leave Gaza. The al-Aqsa Martyrs' Brigades distributed leaflets saying that Danes and Swedes had three days to get out of the region. There are also reports that a terrorist group called the Glory Brigades of Northern Europe is threatening suicide attacks in Denmark.

All of course 'caused' by the Jyllands-Posten cartoon depictions of Mohammed (militant radical Islamists are sensitive types after all).


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