Monday, January 23, 2006

Bomb us. Please.

Iran threatens to carry out enrichment on industrial scale: Larijani

LONDON (AFP) - Iran would carry out uranium enrichment on an industrial scale if it was hauled up before the UN Security Council, Tehran's nuclear negotiator Ali Larijani warned in an interview in the Financial Times.

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Walking on the sunny side of the street ....

Last-minute radiation saves lung cancer patients.

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Small doses of radiation meant to ease the symptoms of incurable lung cancer may actually save the lives of a few patients, surprised Australian researchers reported on Monday. (Save the smokers in the Middle East, nuke Iran today!).

Whoa .... now they're f*cking artists?

Entezami, spokesman for Iran's Supreme National Security Council: "Using the atomic bomb or threatening to use it is the language of the last century. The art of having the bomb is not using it... because if everyone who had one used it the world would be blown up several times over," he said. "This endangers world security". Sorry, Babel Fish doesn't offer Farsi translation (irony). You're on you're own with that one. Though this may possibly be a help to some?

A Space Lottery: An Idea Whose Time Has Come.

I suggest a National Space Lottery as a new way of funding space flight systems, promoting space tourism and paying for the tickets of those who would fly. The National Space Society should promote creation of a National Space Lottery. Ideally, this might become an International Space Lottery, and would offer the possibility of space flight, as a prize, to every man, woman and child on earth.

And I nominate Howdie Dean, John Freek'n Kerry, and Momma Moonbat Sheehan for the inaugural flight.


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