Thursday, January 19, 2006

No one cares.

In fact, no one gives a flying fook at a donut about Iran. They can stop their weapons program, and join the civilized world. Or not. If not, either the U.S., or Israel will bomb them half way back to the stone age (all the way if the facilities are too hard for low yield).

Iran says open to compromise in nuclear standoff.

TEHRAN (AFP) - Iran said it was open to compromise in the crisis over its disputed nuclear programme as the United States and European Union pushed for Tehran to be hauled before the UN Security Council.

"We have not closed the path to compromise. In principle I believe some complicated international issues can be best solved through talks," Iran's top nuclear official Ali Larijani said in an interview with the BBC.

"For obtaining nuclear fuel there are many methods and formulas, and we can continue negotiations and use the different opportunities that there are in the world. I dont think the path is closed."

Yes Ali, it is. And you closed it. No one else is on it. Take it anywhere you want. See ..... we have already accepted the near destruction of your country. Yes, it took a few months, but you gave us a lot of help and inspiration. You Sir now decide your own fate. Not us. Do whatever you want, whatever your heart desires my sweet charming little fleur de lei. So, don't join the world in peace and harmony. Fine. Do, great, wonderful. No one cares anymore. And Ali, if you think the world is wetting their pants at $4.50 a gallon gasoline. Just wait until you see how stable the markets are after you're gone.

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