Friday, January 13, 2006

F*ck France & Aunty Beeb [call it a twofer (and remember to wear your raincoats)].

"Iran threatens to end nuclear cooperation." (Agence France Presse)

Only some retrograde c*cksuckers like the French, would still try and paint the impending military assault on Iran. As the fault of Bush, the Jooos, neocons, the omnipresent but never seen cabal, or even the neighbor's cat. What a laugh ..... Iran threatens to end nuclear cooperation. Beyond me how they came up with that one? Cooperation? Ri-i-i-ight. Uh huh. They must be talking about some more secret financial and military equipment deals that those smelly frogs have made. Only this time with Iran's Mad Mo, not Saddam Hussein. Obstructionist surrender monkeys. F*ck France.

This below Beeb blurb, starts out as an attempt at reporting, but soon degenerates into Aunty's usual letting militant Radical Islam, play hide the salami where the sunndoanshine.

Sanctions on Iran just a start.

Sanctions against Iran would herald the start of a new era of confrontation - without being certain of achieving their aim of ending Iran's nuclear ambitions. Any sanctions would be mainly economic. Their effect is questionable. And there are several stages to be gone through before they could be imposed.

I see sanctions just as the backstop, the foundation of a possible (?) conventional slapdown of Mad Mo. Something with a little more nuance than simply thousands of square miles of radioactive rubble. Call it good war/bad war if you will. But Aunty shows she can spread 'em just as good as any French tart (perhaps even better). By completely ignoring facts on the ground (maybe she's been taking lessons from the NYT's?).

The attitude of Russia, which is building a nuclear power station for Iran, is important. Russia's attitude has become more critical of Iran recently, notably since Iran spurned its offer to enrich uranium on behalf of Iran ..... but even so, Russia might be reluctant to go too far.

From today's Washington Post .....

The Washington Post reported Thursday that (Russian Foreign Minister) Lavrov told Rice this week that Russia would not oppose a motion at the IAEA to refer Iran to the Security Council.

(Actually, on Tuesday, numerous reports of Russia being on board surfaced. Which I believe gave rise to the quickly gathering momentum).

And ALL of it a byproduct of George W. Bush. Doing what he says, saying what he means. The world now knows it. Iran will find out for themselves. Whether it be the U.S. that comes a knockin' (or Israel comes a pounding). More countries will step aside, and quickly. So, don't be to put out, too alarmed. It's only nuclear war. We don't want it, we don't much care for it (no sh*t). But we are not alto castrati singers in the choir. We aren't going to pretend that the problem does not exist, or will even go away (by itself). Some call that reality. So, smoke 'em if ya gottem [I quit four months ago, sorry (no big thang)].

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Have a beer or two, or three. Listen to some tunes. Relax. Not much is going to change. Yes, gasoline may cost more (possibly a lot), and thus the economy may slow (noticeably). But, once the dust clears, and the geiger counter quiets a little. Things will settle back down to normal in no time. Cue George Michael .....

I'm showing you the door Mad Mo
Cause I gotta have faith...
Yes I've gotta have faith..

Power: One 9-volt alkaline battery
Size: 6" x 3" x 1"
Weight: 8 oz including battery.

Addendum; Saturday, January 14, 2:38 a.m.

I kind of remember a little, back when I was a dreamy liberal (though it be only three or four years ago). And the world was one giant conspiracy. Oooh them evil conservatives, those vile Republicans. War mongers, baby killers, polluters. Unhip, uncool. But, was I so unhinged, so deranged, as to get on my knees and give militant radical Islam loving bj's? I think not. Left at any price. Left at any cost. And why I am, why I have been, and why I will continue to be .... Left no more.

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