Monday, January 16, 2006

Nothing good lasts forever.

Sure, unrequited love can last a lifetime. But if it is not shared, will it last beyond the life of the one pining? Some of the mighty redwoods are a couple of thousand years old .... pretty amazing.

Mostly though, what I'm talking bout is the complacency that the world has enjoyed. Through giant wars, untold millions of lives, and natural disasters, past the drama, fear, uncertainty, and blinding horror. Our spirit has survived intact. But nothing can compare to today's Iran threat. While we have watched it's approach, and the world has dealt with it in good faith (allowing for Iran's stated desire of electricity generation). It has been a completely wasted effort (trying to give Iran everything and anything that it needed for peaceful use). Iran is unable to turn it's back on nuclear weapons. Complacency is over, now and forever. Innocence is gone, lost. The world is all grown up, and no longer able to ignore or to pretend child like.

The billions and billions and of dollars, the thousands of workers and scientists, have created multiple sites hundreds of feet underground, in Iran. They cannot be seen as CIVILIAN nuclear research or power production facilities. Which are no secret in the West (some of which, can even be seen from/by the side of the road). There isn't any need to build such facilities hundreds of feet underground, or unbelievably, directly under large population centers. Anyone and everyone would suggest such is contraindicated for civilian use. But absolutely perfect for the deflection of a military assault. Who would dare attack?

No one wants this war, this age of uncertainty. No one asked for it. And they did everything they could to avoid it. All for naught. It is here, it is here now. and now it will stay, forever and all time. This is our lot, this our life. Playing whack the nuclear weasel. Thoroughly disgusting. Completely unpleasant. Does not mean we shirk or shy away. So Ahmoud, say your little prayer, do your little dance. We're still coming for you. Kiss your fucking ass goodbye.

Newsweek - Diplomacy and Force - Interview: The United Nations' top inspector is prepared to issue a report on Iran's nuclear program that will 'reverberate around the world.'

A rather pedestrian report/story, but interesting for the level of seriousness that it purports to display (especially for weenie waggers like Newsweek).


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