Thursday, January 19, 2006

Gosh I just love those deranged pond scum over at Google.

However long ago ..... I was delisted from the main search engine. Which of course, I found ummmm, rather entertaining. Strangely, I was still listed in Google's beta Blog Search. Of course the term: "Anechoic Room" still shows as one on MSN, and two on Yahoo (I was three on Google). The whole affair has been rather eye opening, and quite educational. Generating some real insight into the hearts and minds of microscopic parasites.

What is strange, is now I'm delisted from the blog search as well. And since Google Blog Search, is the embedded search function for Blogger. I can't search my own site, from the site's : "Search this Blog" in the template's header. Seen at the top of this very page (left). Enterring any keyword (iran) yields: Your search - iran - did not match any documents.

How I love Google ..... let me count the ways. In fact, my next business venture may be delayed or detoured ..... instead of the biz launch I tentatively have in the pipeline, I see a big future in BrinPage toilet bowl targets.

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Addendum; Saturday, Jan 21.

Google's Stock Sinks.

The Mountain View, Calif.-based company's shares dropped $36.99, or 8.5 percent, to close at $399.46 on the Nasdaq Stock Market ..... and capped the stock's worst week since its ballyhooed initial public offering 17 months ago. Google's market value has plummeted by 14 percent during the last week, wiping out $20 billion in shareholder wealth.


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