Saturday, January 21, 2006

Time once again for ..... It's Bush's Fault!

Fears rise for whale stranded in London's River Thames.

LONDON (Reuters) - A whale stranded in the River Thames in London is becoming tired and disorientated ..... The bottle-nosed whale swam up the Thames on Friday, passing the Houses of Parliament ..... At 0930 GMT on Saturday a Reuters photographer saw the whale between Albert and Chelsea bridges as it fought the river's incoming tide around 30 miles from the English Channel. "It is obviously distressed and tired and we must warn that there may not be a happy ending to this unfolding saga," said Tony Woodley, director of the British Divers Marine Life Rescue group.

Tokyo sees heaviest snow in five years.

TOKYO (AFP) - The heaviest snowfall in five years blanketed the greater Tokyo region, causing injuries and disrupting transportation. The Otemachi financial district of downtown Tokyo saw nine centimeters of snow accumulated by 5:00 pm, while 10 centimeters of snow covered neighboring Yokohama city ..... making it the heaviest snow fall since 2001 .....
Albert Gore Junior, head of Global Warming Bloviations International, could not be reached for comment. His spokesperson however said that Mr. Gore did not decline comment, only that he was busy in the field bloviating about global warming. A reporter in Tokyo reportedly (mini bwahaha here) asked Mr. Gore during a speech there, if he ever looks out the window. The question was (reportedly) met with an icy stare.

I told you France smelled (would I lie to you?).

Many Europeans Don't Seek Help for Overactive Bladder.

I didn't give him the key. Did you give him the key?

Gene Could Hold Key to Schizophrenia.

I thought mobile porn was the new up and coming star of the internet money machine?

Google online video store starts without a bang.

John Kerry says that Bush had no plan. And that everyone knows a four foot gate is not tall enough for a camel.

Illinois - A nearly 7-foot tall camel named Bocephalus, suffered only scratches and bruises after jumping out of a horse trailer as it traveled 55 mph down a highway.

Kerry said further, he would make sure that all camels had taller gates.


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