Monday, January 23, 2006

This is a test of the MSN search engine. We repeat, this is only a test.

Should this have been an actual post, you would have been instructed where to tune in on your internet for emergency reading instructions.

So, I'm at the record store a few days ago, buying some fresh platters, and there it is. Up on display, Leif Garrett's LP. I don't know if it was his debut album or what. But it was the one with the long hair and smile for your weird uncle look. I didn't buy it, didn't have the heart. He just looked so utterly trashed in his court/arrest photos/video last week [tore up from da floor up (sores/scabs on his face)]. Good luck Leif, you're going to need it. Yeah I know the jails are crowded, but I think he would have been better off locked up for a little longer. Time will tell? This presented link is just mean (recommended ..... but mean). 'Leif Garrett Goes Metro!'

Nomura's Jellyfish? Ain't that a b*tch ....
('Giant Jellyfish Invade Japan').

"Since last summer, Japanese waters have been inundated with the massive sea creatures, which can grow 6.5 feet wide and weigh up to 450 pounds. More common in Chinese and Korean waters, their numbers have grown a hundredfold in some areas off Japan, causing a crisis in the local fishing industry. The invertebrates are choking fishing nets and poisoning the catch with their toxic stingers ..... " yup, sounds like Pajamas Media to me :-)

Kelly Clarkson? Who cares. Well, if you like her, that's your biz. Let's see how she's doing in say thirty years [Leif Garrett ring any bells? (not to be confused with bell ringer)].

Wilson Pickett ..... well, I bought an Otis Redding record yesterday at the swap meet. Does that count? (The seller looked at the record and said: "how'd that get in there?").

Jessica Sierra. Pretty sounding name (I guess). I won't search unless I have too [please don't make me (actually what kind of blog host would I be?) lazy .... good answer!]. Yikes.

History of taxes
..... you're kidding right.

Images: Ice hotel. Been there seen that (virtually).

Ben Franklin
..... well, back in my tomcatting around days, I'm hanging with a pal on the boulevard. And we're talking to this woman, who sez she needs a lift to Ben Franklin avenue. My friend had to explain it to me.

First baby boom? Hmmm ..... Pebbles and Bam Bam?

What is beer pong
? Another signpost on the road that reads: "deevolution this way."

This concludes our shameless test of the MSN search engine [should this little post actually result in an increase in site traffic (?), regular readers are hereby warned (all five of you)]. We repeat, this was only a pathetic attempt to increase this site's pathetic traffic .....

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