Monday, November 07, 2005

Breaking News ..... Blogosphere Cause of French Riots!

('Translation' via Babel Fish)

Three arrests for incentive with the riot on "blog"

PARIS (Reuters) - a minor and two major young people suspected of having launched on Internet of the calls to the riot and the aggression counter police officers were stopped Monday in Aix-en-Provence and in Paris area, one learns from legal source.

The three "blogs" used, of Internet sites personnel, were lodged on the site of radio operator Skyrock, which decontaminated them during the weekend.

"the sites encouraged to take part in the general movements of urban violences and to attack police officers and police stations", at Reuters a magistrate of the parquet floor of Paris declared.

The suspects will incur up to five years of prison if the qualification had a presentiment of for the facts, "incentive to make aggressions against people", is retained.

Via No Pasaran!

In a related story
.... Intel displayed their new fall lineup of dual core mobile processors, in Paris. But the powerful public demonstration seemed to get out of control.

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