Monday, November 07, 2005

Burn Baby Burn .... Disco Inferno. German Edition

Via No Pasaran

(French/English translation via babelfish)

'Five cars set fire to in the night in Berlin'

Five cars were burnt in the night of Sunday to Monday in a underprivileged district of Berlin, announced the police force of the German capital.

The cars, which were in five streets different from the district of Moabit, were burnt between 0h45 (23h45 GMT) and 3h30 (2h30 GMT), specified the spokesman. Nobody was wounded, and the unknown ones at the origin of the fires succeeded in fleeing.

Several fires had been already declared in the night of Saturday to Sunday in a district of Bremen (north-western of Germany), cars and an empty building having burned.

Addendum 7:16 a.m.

Post card from Private Idaho, France:

"Those who set fire to cars and buildings are not criminals. They are young kids.

Addendum 7:44 a.m.

'French riots worsen; beaten man dies in hospital'

Riots in France's poor city suburbs appeared to be spiralling out of control after the worst night of violence so far and the first death .... 1,400 vehicles were torched across the country overnight .... A 61-year-old man beaten into a coma by a hooded youth in the northern suburb of Stains died in hospital, according to his widow ....

Police figures showed 1,408 vehicles were destroyed overnight -- up on the previous record of 1,300 on Saturday .... At Grigny in the southern Paris suburbs two police officers were rushed to hospital after being hit by gunshots in what colleagues said was an ambush by a gang of youths. "Their aim is to get us. It is to kill policemen," an officer who witnessed the incident

.... Overall more than 5,000 cars have been burned .... Car fires overnight in the Belgian and German capitals had police on edge that youths there were maybe copying the violence on their home turf.


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