Sunday, November 06, 2005

Stiff Upper Lip There Francois

Really, the Paris riots no longer concern/interest me. I'm disinclined to be a demagogue, or a one note symphony. I just found this article's banner amusing, Urban unrest reaches heart of Paris. So, I plinked the word 'unrest' into my snarkilator. And came up with these somewhat related, somewhat synonomous terms ....

annoyance Yes, the media coverage is annoying.
bickering Yeah, I always set my hometown on fire when I disagree with it.
bother No bother at all, any other cities you want us to torch?

chagrin I don't see anyone smiling, do you?
debate No debate here, 60-70% of contemporary journalists got their degrees out of a box of Cracker Jacks.
disease See militant radical Islam.

disquiet Wear earplugs, it's only going to get louder.
dissatisfaction Yes, even the Strolling Bones got in on the act.
distress Uh huh, we see the signal now.

ennui How ummm .... French.
irritation Stiff upper lip there Francois.
malaise Did the French create mayo? I didn't know.

moodiness Not to be confused with the Moody Blues.
perplexity Yeah, you've stumped the band. French band practice resumes again tonight. We'll learn this tune if it takes the whole century. Or not.
restlessness Take a nap.

tension Take a Valium, no ..., take two.
unease I don't recall anyone saying it was going to be easy.
upset One word .... Tums.

vexation Nope, not voodoo. Militant radical Islam.
worry What me?
fuss Make your own, or not?

hubbub Needs more cowbell.
hullabaloo When there are more deaths from the riots ... then maybe.
rumpus Close (just a bunch of kids being, you know, kids).

ailment Yabbut the political doctor ain't in the French house.
angst It's in more than them kids' pants.
anxiety Didn't we do this one already? See Valium.

ferment This one works. Too much beer? Too big a smell wafting across the Atlantic.
restiveness See Festivus, Middle East.
the shakes See Carpenters (Karen, Richard), We've only Just Begun.

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