Sunday, November 06, 2005

Weasel is ..... as Weasel Does

'Chirac Vows Arrests and Trials in Riots'

PARIS - (AP) French President Jacques Chirac on Sunday promised arrests, trials and punishment for those sowing "violence or fear" across France .... The French president had faced criticism from opposition politicians for not publicly speaking about France's worst civil unrest in more than a decade. His only previous comments came through a spokesman.

Whatever Jack ..... your weasality has only served to embolden. Guess what? I really don't think we're gonna bail you guys out this time. YOYOMF

Addendum 3:40 p.m.

Image hosted by
"French police officer holds a shotgun shell recovered after officers were fired on in Grigny, south of Paris."

Wow .... really? Shotguns? Ammo? What a surprise.

"Mr Chirac .... also noted that "respect for all, justice and equal opportunity," were needed to end the unrest." [BBC]

Keep it up Jack, why in no time at all, things will be ..... oh. Like the West Bank and Gaza. Welcome to the militant wing of the international peace movement. Clown.


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