Monday, December 12, 2005

Me I don't know much. If there is a heaven, if there is a hell?

Though I will quite often employ spiritual verbiage, when a little overcome by weighty matters. But, if there is a hell, and I go there? I hope they at least let me work the door the day Kofi Annan arrives. I'll knock that mudderhubbard into a heretofore unknown dimension. Hell is too good for that open chancre.

Via Taranto/Best of the Web

Listen .... I just had an idea. Kofi is down with helping those who have been victimized by the evil United States of America. Usually from without it's borders. But hey, if Kofi agrees to swap places with Tookie? Whaddya say, write Arnie now.

SAVE TOOKIE! FRY KOFI INSTEAD! Hurry, there are less than nine hours remaining.


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