Saturday, November 12, 2005

The Children of Paris Have Been Born.

All the discussions (too many), all the reasons (again same), for/about the violence and destruction in Paris, and across France. And in a few other parts of Europe as well. And all the attempts to parse/distribute them in past or present tenses.

Yes, I joined the firm camp the last few days. The one consisting of people who had already read the writings of short term futurists (from the near past). And who believed them. Futurists posing as mere writers, who had honest to goodness working crystal balls. Of course back then, when they first shared their crystal visions ... it seemed a little alarmist to me. Definitely not touchy feely kind of stuff.

Where exactly it goes from here ..... ? I can say this, I believe a new identity has been born. A loud, screaming bouncing baby transnational identity. In a perverse Cub Scouts, Boy Scouts, or Indian Guides kind of way.

These little tykes, as the EuroDenyMedia like to call them. Have created for themselves something which will not shrink. Will not wither. Will not fade away. These little jihadi won't be studying how to earn merit badges, for good deeds. No, they will be scouring the net for the means of destruction. Scouring the earth for it's constituent parts.

Though they not be born full bodied. They have been spawned by militant radical Islam. And carry it's DNA. They most assuredly are not the bastard children of good, kind, and decent folk. Call it, or them, what you will.

But the children of Paris have been born.

Addendum; Sunday, Nov. 13, 12:53 p.m.

The lowdown on the Paris hoedown. Should keep you busy the whole afternoon ....

(man those cats are good)

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Thanks for the link. I reciprocated. Like the linking just the URL.

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You're welcome. Thanks for the open trackback fest.

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