Wednesday, November 09, 2005

'Next Rosa Parks may live next door'

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution By BENIN DAKAR With the passing of civil rights heroine Rosa Parks, many in the black community can be heard wondering, "Who will be the next Rosa Parks?" ....

For four long decades, African-Americans have been stuck in a leadership vacuum. Too many blacks who were either children or yet unborn at the time of the assassinations of the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. and Malcolm X are still mourning the loss of these distinguished men and hoping that their heir apparent will soon make an appearance.

No longer are outstanding poetical and metaphoric oratory, massive marches or sheer defiance of unjust laws and rules the best way to make strides toward full inclusion in American society. The challenges today call for multiple grass-roots leaders who can build organizations across race and class in their communities that produce measurable ongoing results.

The kind of relevant and progressive modern-day black leadership that I am talking about is personified by chessmaster Orrin C. Hudson, who lives in DeKalb County.

Hudson is an Air Force veteran and former Alabama state trooper who for a decade owned a thriving automobile business. With his own money and resources, he founded the nonprofit "Be Someone," which teaches at-risk youth, most of whom are black, how to play and win at chess and in life ....

Without fanfare, Hudson began going into local schools to teach the most problematic boys and girls, who had been all but abandoned, the urbane skills of concentration, logic, pattern recognition, long-term planning, delayed gratification and effective use of one's resources. The cognitive skills and confidence that Hudson's kids develop enables them to win chess matches and in day-to-day life.

There can never be another Rosa Parks. But thanks to the efforts of Hudson and other new styled grass-roots black leaders like him, the future of black America is brighter with more possibilities than previously imagined.


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