Sunday, November 13, 2005

Warren Beatty flirts with politics, yet again

November 13, 2005


.... and there was talk of Beatty throwing his hat into the presidential ring. He wanted to run because he believed American politics was turning into a plutocracy in which the highest office in the land was put up for sale to a handful of privileged sons of wealthy men, like Al Gore and George W. Bush.

Beatty, by contrast, has come up the hard way, working his way through the long, hard daily grind of Natalie Wood, Leslie Caron, Brigitte Bardot, Cher, Julie Christie, Diane Keaton, Isabelle Adjani . . . He can sympathize with the underclass: He knows how it feels to hit rock bottom -- apparently, it was Madonna's in ''Dick Tracy.'' He understands what it's like to try to make ends meet.

In 2003, you'll recall, the Los Angeles Times assigned a special team to look into Arnold's sexual background. If they do Warren in the same way, it'll be the biggest hiring bonanza in U.S. journalism for a century.

Be sure and have your video camera battery freshly charged .... the amount of money paid for a video of a sky filled with flying pigs should be quite large indeed.


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