Wednesday, December 14, 2005

The shrivelled teat of mockery. Take another nip of Pajamas Media.

Come on ..... you know you want to. Today's post title courtesy of someone that we personally feel is too nice to be a blogger. But, we aren't inclined to give them any mean lessons. Cuz we're just mean (just keeeding).

O.K. in keeping with current themes both real, imagined, and snarked. This, is a contest. Wherein you, the oh so lucky reader, get to pick an image (with stupid caption), to best represent what Pajamas Media really is. And then vote for your choice. But, we'll leave it up to you to decide what your own personal definition of "is" is (we're kind of cool that way. Hey, is this a great contest or what).

Anyway, since there has been a lot of fraud and tampering in that other "Award Thing" [and no, we ain't picking on Kevin. You'll know it if we do. Not saying we are ever going to do so. Just that you'll know it when we do (if we do), O.K.?]. All votes will be tabulated by mental telepathy. So beam your energy up (good or bad). And remember, it's not whether you are or aren't one of the G70. But how much fun you can make of them, before the Shrivelled Teat of Mockery dries up once and for all. Let the non Wizbang, no we really don't hate the seventy awards begin.

Image hosted by
Master(s) of the Blogosphere [We told you, you can only vote for one picture/caption already right? My heads starting to fill up with voices. Dammit, I said one!]

Image hosted by
Killer bloggers (you decide which color hat. Hey, I told you this was a great contest).

Image hosted by
A truly mythic ocean going vessel.

Image hosted by
A truly mythic aerial vehicle.

Image hosted by
A calamity. A funeral. A burial. A wake. A dead horse.

Image hosted by
Trick question. You say train wreck right? When is a train wreck not a train wreck? When it's Pajamas Media (bwahahahahahahahahaha)

Image hosted by
This one comes from our dear friends on the left. But some on the right have been known to mutter it in their sleep.

Image hosted by
Paid propagandists. That one of course, courtesy of Einstein's grandson, Tony Pierce.

Image hosted by
A really bad joke .....

Image hosted by
That nobody laughs at.

Image hosted by
A transformational magic mirror.

Image hosted by
A high speed pileup on the Autobahn, in the fog.

Image hosted by
An elite online gathering world. The best of the best.

Image hosted by
Some sort of investment dealie bobber .... what's that, pump and dump? You financial types slay me.

Image hosted by
What's that you say .... they're playing someone? Who? You mean someone other than themselves? Wow, you financial types slay me.

Image hosted by
Well don't just stand there in your pajamas, go ahead and vote already.

Winners will be announced sometime tomorrow, after I have a few snorts, and play me some phonograph records. The contest's winner, will after the selection process and announcement. Receive absolutely nothing (it's a picture with a caption, what is it supposed to get ..... a fookin' ribbon?). But all participants in the voting process receive the satisfaction of knowing that you personally have contributed to, the black hole of time. Known as ..... The Blogosphere!

Addendum; Thursday, December 15, 6:58 a.m.

How do you “live Blog” elections in a country were you don’t have any bloggers?

See, now that's just mean. Everyone knows what 'live' blogging is .... right? You sit in front of your TV, and enter into your keyboard, what you see. On TV. I mean, it's positively brilliant. Live blogging. It's so .... new millenium.

But, I can see where the Conservative Revolution has a point .... From what I can see on their site, they are simply posting recounts of A.P. news stories from their “bloggers”. Is that live blogging now?

I'd have to say no. From his own account ..... it sounds like there is no televison involved.

10:29 a.m.

Hog said the other day, that satirizing the PJM folks was now seemingly impossible. Something along the lines they are now too dull, and they can't be beat at goofing themselves. Well this outside link is pretty darn close to Hog's new model.

From Tapscott's Copy Desk. And we'll give it our own little snarky title: Making It Up as We Go Along.

Edited for brevity.

Odds are good that the most comprehensive coverage of the Iraq elections will be found on Pajamas Media ..... I've watched the developments over at PJM with great interest .... My interest in its success lies in my belief that a key to the Blogosphere's development is its development of new media organizational forms ..... PJM is one approach to that development and might even be in the process of creating a model for the future ..... Whatever happens with PJM ..... today it is the place to watch one of the most important elections in the history of human freedom.

As Hog said, this stuff just writes itself. Dan has taken a little time to look at and compare the coverage. Let's be polite and just call it a contrast?


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