Thursday, February 02, 2006

Q: How do you make my deek a foot long? A: Fold it in half.

Well, where to begin? Ummm, no ..... I haven't visited the Pajamas Media website for content in like two or three months. And even then it was to try and scrounge up some food with which to feed the snarks. Yes, I have visited once or thrice to check the blogroll [a few dropped, and more than a few added (looks like they are at least getting a little smarter, cornering a healthy swath of the sphere, and corralling an even wider array of voices)]. So, I will need some one to say a prayer for me (now would be a good time), as I scoot over there for just a second, to look at the logo.

O.K., I'm back, and Thanks for keeping a virtual eye out for me. Yes, the stupid logo is still the same. Sure, it looks like they have added some stripes to the bottoms (and maybe some buttons to the top?) .... kind of an anti-Amish approach. But, it is still the same unbelievable doo doo it has always been.

So what Elmo .... who cares? You may be right, I mean I ceased caring aeons ago. I don't personally know any of the PJ crowd. Of course I still have some on my blogroll, as they've always been (but I did strike two others, the other day, who had just recently been bumped up to PJM blogroll status). Just that the whole thing lost its interest for me, there just wasn't much of anything left to make fun of. Until now. The official unveiling of Pajamas Media new logo. Created by yours truly, Elmo. Soul proprietor of Anechoic Room (whose readership has doubled in the past few days from twenty five to fifty!).

All those Pajamas Media clowns have to do is ...... raise the arms/sleeves of the pajama tops, pirate flag style. Flying the logo horizontally from a flag pole, attached to the flag pole line via the sleeves (clothespins?). Maybe a pair of longjohns instead of a two piece affair/ensemble? And there you have it. Pajamas Media new logo. You saw it here first. Red or blue, your choice.

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