Friday, February 03, 2006

“The War is On"

Mullah Krekar .... leader of Ansar al-Islam who has been living in Norway since 1991, said that the publication of the Muhammad cartoons was a declaration of war. “The war has begun,” he told journalists ..... Muslims in Norway are preparing to fight. “It does not matter if the governments of Norway and Denmark apologize, the war is on.”

Whatever Mullah on Crack. Whatever. We ain't going away. Some of our liberal citizens may be unaware that a fairly large population of brain dead wacko Islamists, are daily looking for new excuses to instigate violence. To breed murder. And well, there is no law against being blind to current international political reality. Or crying before, during, or after the fact. But this war started a loooong time ago. And it will be a long time before it ends.

G*d Bless Us One, G*d Bless Us All.

Should be ready (?) in time for the final liberation of Paris (again).
Britain and France are working on building two new aircraft carriers.

We can only hope they build carriers better than cars (what's that? We already know they can't. O.K. then, the French are on their own this time. Uh huh, that's right, Monsieur Mickie and Madame Minnie are really goofed now).

Citroën C6.

This is the cathedral of Notre-Dame de Rheims, the new Citroën C6 .... a monument to French engineering excess .... of course, hydro-pneumatic suspension .... magic-carpet technology .... It feels as if the car is floating above them (the bumps) .... I could hear my watch ticking at 200km/h .... Citroën's most cherished brand characteristics .... complex and weird. Rear passengers can also move the front passenger seat backwards and forwards at the press of a button - oh, the fun my four-year-old would have with that.

Encourages deviation ..... automatic lane deviation warning system whereby the driver's seat vibrates if a white line is crossed without signalling. This would be a fantastic safety feature if it weren't for the fact that the vibration is actually rather enjoyable. More laudable, perhaps, is the "active bonnet" that springs up should the car collect a pedestrian to protect the human, if not the car, from further injury.

Addendum; 8:52 a.m.

Humanitarian organization Hamas, opens new offices in New York City. Provided courtesy of those well known good word philanthropists [to terrorists (never meeting one that they didn't like)], The New York Times.
At start of seventh paragraph: "She is Mariam Farhat, the mother of three Hamas supporters killed by Israelis."

In the pieces of sh*t that they use for brains over at the Times, this what they call murderous blood drinking bugs ..... Changed from my morning atomic paper, where they used the equally stupifying "advocates." F*ck the NYT's. Filth. Slime. Refuse. Excrement.

Why I like militant radical Islam ..... let me count the ways?

1) Wife beating.
2) Incest.
3) Pedophilia.
4) Suicide bombing.
5) Women as object.
6) Women as third class citizen.
7) (They are) consistent in thought and deed (kill the Jew).
8) Because really I'm just a regular normal everyday, eat a baby for breakfast neocon. And without militant radical Islam there would be no global war upon us. And I'd have no way to vent my psychotic delusions. I'd be forced to live in a world of beauty and light.
9) Kidnapping and beheading (see also amateur filmmaking: beheading videos).
10) Darwin's waiting room/best example of de-evolution.


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