Saturday, March 25, 2006

Aeronautical engineeers finally break the pork barrier!

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'When pigs fly'

And, tongues are most certainly a wag, about wonder boy's indiscretions. Of course he toss' in his own coinage.

I want to apologize to National Review Online, my friends and colleagues here at RedState, and to any others that have been affected over the past few days. I also want to apologize to my previous editors and writers whose work I used inappropriately and without attribution. There is no excuse for this - nor is there an excuse for any obfuscation in my earlier statement.

Responding specifically to this:

As we mentioned in our earlier editor's note, staff here at National Review Online are going through all of the pieces Ben Domenech has written for us (the most recent of which appears to have been published in 2002) in light of questions raised in the wake of the debut of his "Red America" blog this week on the Washington Post's website (from which he has since resigned). Our review unfortunately raises questions about several other pieces besides the one we apologized for this morning. To give you a feel for what our staff has found:

A rather hard hitting comment, over at Ben's, in response to his soul expose.

But not too far off the mark (it's the integrity stupid!). Not that I don't constantly pilfer images in order to mock all and sundry. But I don't have to borrow thoughts from anyone ..... what's the point? No, I ain't a knockin Ben, just that I had my fill of integrityless blogging from the Pajamas Media honchos. I rather don't like it. Left, Center, or Right.

Mostly, I don't like giving weirdo f*ckface freaks like Kos, ammunition for his daily drool and spittle fest.

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Then again, look what a little plagiarism can do for one's metrics! [Heh, heh (mebbe I needs to get me a little word larceny?)]

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