Thursday, March 23, 2006

And they thanked the soldiers, President Bush, and Prime Minister Blair.

'Special forces free Iraq hostages'

BAGHDAD, Iraq (CNN) -- Three Western aid workers (members of Christian Peacemaker Teams), held hostage in Iraq for nearly four months have been freed in a multinational military raid, British Foreign Secretary Jack Straw said. Thursday's military operation "follows weeks and weeks of very careful work by our military and coalition personnel in Iraq and many civilians as well," Straw said.

And he thanked the soldiers, President Bush, and Prime Minister Blair.

'Iraqi Cameraman For CBS News Faces U.S. Military Trial In April'

Hussein was taken into custody after being wounded by American forces as he videotaped clashes in Mosul in northern Iraq in April 2005. Doyle said he received an e-mail from the U.S. task force at Abu Ghraib saying Hussein "appeared to be instigating a crowd" in Mosul. At the time of Hussein's arrest, CBS News reported that the U.S. military said the tape in the journalist's camera led them to suspect he had prior knowledge of attacks on American troops.

Say tarbender ....

'Texas arresting people in bars for being drunk'

Well, things could be worse

'Texas Carries Out Sixth Execution Of 2006'

In fact, you could get uromycitisis poisoning.

Larry Barnett, allegedly was exiting the front door of the building that is Alliance Financial Services Corp. on East Clark Street, when he encountered officer Alan Schnaith. Schnaith was there in response to a burglary alarm at the building. Barnett allegedly told Schnaith he had to use the bathroom “real bad” and so had entered the front door of the building to find a bathroom. Via Fark.

The Mudville Gazette's Open Post.


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