Sunday, March 19, 2006

Have I said: F*ck those skanky ho's at Google, lately?

'Web site files complaint against Google' ...

'Web site sues over drop in rank' ...

The first link (via Digg), was loading problematically this a.m., the second link (via Jawa), San Jose Merc, does better. What is there to say, I started blogging out of frustration. Not some great desire. I mean there always were better bloggers [Allah, who I bumped into on occasion around the net (mostly seen him hanging at Ace's)]. Always will be. I knew I could never outlink anybody, let alone out-think or write (or even outfunny). Doesn't mean I'm the world's worst blogger. I can tell you this. Google is the sh*t. And no, I don't mean that in a complimentary fashion.

However many months back, I noticed in my daily referral's log, that search engine hits from Google, were no longer present. Needless to say, I said: WTF? At the time, posts of mine on Tookie Williams, the French Riots, or Robert Pershing Wadlow (to name just a few), brought in say fifteen to twenty five percent of my daily looks/peeks/clicks/reads.

It was quite flattering to be a small part of the great big world wide web, me, foogin Elmo. It was cool to see how some indidvidual posts were in fact numero uno, on a few word/term searches. Not that the posts in question were fabuluous or anything, but they were at least acceptable. And well they had a point of view, that lead people to look, and read.

I'm not a lawyer (just barely a blogger), so I can't speculate on the outcome of this particular suit. I do however believe that Google will have their face slapped. Maybe not this singular case, but facets of it will continue to play out in real time, acrross the net, through the years. Google has been exposed as the biggest bully. The dankest skankiest ho. Additionally, homogenizing the web, all eyes going to the same sites/content, all the while collecting tolls along the way! The net will survive. The world will grow and change. The battle with Google will rage for many a year. Take back the web ....

F*ck Google.

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Oops, almost forgot to give a shout out to me bud's in Fwance.

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LOVED yesterday's riot (how do you say that in Frogesse?).

Wizbang!s Carnival of the Trackbacks LV (the best things in life are free, but you can give them to the birds and bees. Eyeballs, that's what I want).


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