Friday, March 10, 2006

Fun with Media

Fun with customer questions

It's happening already. Waiters at New York City restaurants are starting to introduce themselves to customers by saying, “I’m a blogger--I’m just doing this while I wait for my big break.”

Since being of employable age, I've had somewheres around three dozen different employers. In all walks of employment/endeavors/fields/industries Once, while slinging hash to the lunch crowd, in a pretentious little spot, a short stroll from a hospital. One of the diners (obviously physicians) inquired: "what do you do?" To which in reply, I raised my right hand all atrembly, and said: "I used to be a neuromicrosurgeon."

Fun with fuzzy

'Cat Comforts Grieving Orangutan at Zoo'

Fun with Charlie (Krauthammer)

The security situation (in Iraq) is grim ..... (and there is a) current (political) impasse. That impasse has contributed to the mood of despair here at home.

What do I know about Iraq, really? One can hope, one can wish, one can even try. We will wait, we will see. Whence the the two slopes of trying, and failing converge? To me, Iraq will never be a failure. For in trying, we have succeeded. Even if we fail.

Fun with white trash

'Paris Hilton probably has herpes'

Fun with Muslim fundamentalists

From the L.A. Daily Dog Trainer - CAIRO — Lawyers for a cleric have urged a judge in Yemen to condemn to death a local editor who published the Danish caricatures of the prophet Muhammad. Al-Asadi, editor of the Yemen Observer, says he is being prosecuted by both the state and a prominent Islamic cleric, Sheik Zindani. Editors of two other Yemeni papers that published the cartoons, have also been charged with offending Islam. Their trials have not yet started. Lawyers for Zindani demanded the death penalty. They said Muhammad had (also) approved of the killing of a woman who had insulted him

Fun with standees in line, outside Darwin's waiting room

A 34-year-old bail bondsman and grocery store security guard was charged in Anne Arundel County with impersonating an officer after an investigation that began when he allegedly used emergency lights to pull over another vehicle that contained two real policemen.

Fun with George Clooney

Dailies of Clooney's latest movie, now currently in production: 'Kill all the dirty Jews, let Allah sort them out.' Have been leaked to an obscure internet site. Clicking on this link, loads Windows Media Player video (approx three minutes). Highly recommended.


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