Saturday, March 04, 2006

Has Washington Gone Insane?

"With President Bush away for a week in Asia, the rest of Washington has had to find something to do with its time other than run amuck over the latest piddling folly."

Nice read about the subtlety of what is currently inside the empty minds of the left, and their fifth column army. Nothing stands out to excise and highlight, a quick flowing read, recommended.

(Illinois Governor) Blagojevich appointed a new set of commissioners (to the Illinois Hate Crimes Commission) last summer. Their mission is promote acceptance and tolerance by working with law enforcement, religious leaders, educators and social service agencies ( according to the governor's office).

Yep, sure sounds like a job for a member of the Nation of Islam to me. Uh huh, you bet, yes Sirreee, a hummina a hummina, how wow wow.

Has Washington Gone Insane?

Yes. The American left. And much of the world. No great shakes to arrive at/deduce such. One would think it obvious (the pace and complexity of a modern world). But then one would think the insanity of militant radical Islam obvious as well. But obviously (snicker), it is not.

Not interested in counter arguments, that saying/calling the left insane, empties reason and logic from the discussion. Insanity is refusing to acknowledge reality. Unable to come to grips with the tangible, the real, the dead, the blown apart, the beheaded, and the vaporized. In the liberal land of make believe, everyone loves one another while holding hands and smiling to a TV jingle. Its purdy, even warm and fuzzy. It just aint real.

Cute and adorable as some libs are (and I am fond of contrasting thoughts and ideas). Yet I do have to draw the line at those who simply are bereft of the necessary understanding to see and participate in this moment. So, do argue about the futility/success of stomping the little b*tch Ahmadinejad's nuke party. But watching and waiting until all the stars in the sky align (spontaneous Iran regime/ideology change) is simply more hippy crack.

F*ck it, we don't need this sh*t, let the bombs fly. If they are constantly inventing reasons to hate, I say give them the real thing (not Dutch cartoons). Show Allah's little head choppers how it's really done. We're paying for their hatred now, why use the installment plan? The world will soon be engulfed in a war of unlimited dimension ...... or possibly, it will be swallowed whole by Allah. Me, I'm not planning on singing while the whale tries to swallow.

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There is no peace train. There is only war, or submission to Allah. Our train may not be fast, it may not be swift, it may not be smooth. But it is a much better ride than militant radical Islam's express to hell.

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