Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Online sex rampant at the BBC and the Associated Press

Leaked tapes, obtained from internal security cameras at the offices of the BBC, and at offices of the Associated Press. By a deranged West Coast blogger, clearly show writers, producers, reporters, and editors achieving the largest virtual orgasm ever recorded on the transgalactic nihilism meter (not safe for work).

'Americans know more about The Simpsons TV show than the US Constitution's First Amendment, an opinion poll says.'

Only one in four could name more than one of the five freedoms it upholds but more than half could name at least two members of the cartoon family. About one in five thought the right to own a pet was one of the freedoms.

'Demonstrators in India Protest Bush Visit'

BOMBAY, India - Demonstrators in India shouted "Death to America!" and burned effigies of President Bush ..... About 1,000 Muslims demonstrated, some placards reading "Devil Bush Go Back" ..... "Bush is terrorist No. 1," "Bush first destroyed Afghanistan, then Iraq." ..... "We will protest against the U.S. policies, especially the inhuman atrocities in Afghanistan and Iraq, a likely invasion of Iran and its continuing support to Israel's illegal occupation of Palestine."

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O.K., I admit it. I slept around a little back in the day (I ain't proud) ..... but never had me a virgin (and no, I'm not disappointed). Still, taking the slow boat to China with a comely lass, is a tad better than sneaking around the barn with a goat or a camel. But, that's just me, a different breed of infidel.

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How bout for five bucks? Cool ...... how much for a BJ?

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Could I buy a vowel please?

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I really admire the love and tranquility that Muslims impart to their children. What's that? You can feel it too .....

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Really, I'm just overwhelmed. I absolutely have to go to a Muslim country for my next vacation. My heart's all a pitter patter, and my eyes are swelling with tears.


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