Thursday, March 02, 2006

Ahmadinejad claims NASA is a Mossad plot, offers Jewpiter as proof.

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Tehran, Iran - (Roto Rooter Nooz Agency) Iran's President Moo-moo Ahmadinejad, today in a televised press conference, announced that the U.S. space agency NASA. Was really a front for the Israeli intelligence agency the Mossad. Moo-moo said that he had proof that the Mossad has set up a base on Jewpiter, and that it was a secret interstellar mind control facility. Run by a brigade of specially trained mice, skilled in transmitting jazz music through the vast unknown.

There was no comment from either acting Israeli Prime Minister Ohlmert, or U.S. President Bush. Though one reporter claimed he heard Dub mutter ...... "Oh sh*t, I hope he doesn't find out about that tiny Israeli flag on Mars."

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Breaking news from Toilet Bowl Yurrup

'Still O.K. to kill Jews'

"On the ground ..... in the air. What the f*ck is the difference. Just kill em." A spokesman for the Swiss aviation authority told Der Spiegel. As well: "as long as we get our commissions for brokering the dental gold."


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