Thursday, March 02, 2006

D*ckhead Watch: Who Knew What?

Washington D.C. - Associated Press - March 2, 2106

Today, one hundred years and one day after the release of the famous, but not forgotten Bushnew video. Descendants of Michael Moore, Cindy Sheehan, and John Kerry, assembled on the Capitol steps to announce that the bad weather today in Gnome, Alaska was also Bush's fault. As well they deplored the long departed President's smile, easy going mannner, his association with the State of Texas. His also departed and dearly loved wife, their children, their then pet dog. The colors blue, white, and red. And also poorly fitting shoes bought on sale by anxious shoppers around the world.

Mohammed Kerry, great grandson of that grandmaster bloviator from the past, Senator Haughty Kerry, said that we should all shower shame upon Bush's memory. "He wasn't one of us. He had a real heart, he honestly cared about people and the world." Mohammed went on to further state: "we now know that brain dead closed mindedness and permanent political partisanship are gifts from Allah."

Michael Moore's great great granddaughter Beatme Whipme Moore commented that it was a great day for dhimmitude, oppression of women, slavery, intolerance, and hate everywhere. And that she wished another hurricane could come and injure and kill more people because endless blame gives a reason for so many like her to live.

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Beatme, seen above producing her latest video for the Muslim Fashion Channel, went on to further state that even a hundred years later, it was still hard to believe that every G*d damn thing that ever happened was his fuggin fault. But she was dealing with it. She expressed grattitude for not having to think about concepts, issues, or moving forward. She also gave thanks to Allah for a life of submission , and her fantastic clitoris-less sex life. In conclusion, she said she wished Bush were here to see her tastefully mutilated genitalia himself.

Terror Watch: What Bush Knew About Katrina - Newsweek Politics

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Howard Dean/Cindy Sheehan in 2008, website up and running.



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