Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Associated Press indicted for crimes against truth and common sense.

'US Envoy, Top Shiite Meet; 23 Bodies Found'

The inability to agree is threatening to crush American hopes of beginning a troop pullout this summer as violence rages on.

Umm, no. Sorry. Wrong bullsh*t answer. As usual. If Al Qaeda, and Iran stopped murdering human beings in Iraq. Then maybe, just maybe tensions could cool. And the people of Iraq could get on with the business of living. Even dare I say, enjoying life. Something many here at home take for granted.

(Tuesday), bombings, mortar blasts and gunfire killed 19 more people throughout the country, and police also reported finding four more bullet-riddled bodies _ two of them with their eyes gouged out.

Hey you f*cking turds at the Associated Press, yeah you d*ckhead. Where I come from, we call that crimes against humanity. Not more blame for the United States of America, from the Kerry-Dean-Sheehan-Kennedy vacuum chamber that you totally worthless dingleberries exist in.

Wednesday, at least 23 bodies _ many of them hanged _ were found dumped in parts of Baghdad.

O.K., AP, got your pencil handy? Ready? Here we go, I'll spell it out for you. Muslim, killing Muslim. M..... U..... S..... L..... I..... M. Murder and death merely for its own sake. Well, yeah, I do have to agree with you there. It does give you just another thing to write about, in attacking the President and the administration. Of course I'd be wasting my time repeating myself and saying Muslim, killing Muslim. M..... U..... S..... L..... I..... M. So, I won't.

In a report Tuesday, U.N. Secretary-General Kofi Annan said U.S.-led coalition forces and Iraq's authorities may be violating international law by arbitrarily detaining thousands of people.

Are you fookeen deaf? Weren't you listening? I guess not. But hey, why should I get myself all worked up in a lather, over you poor excuses for human beings.

6:29 a.m.

I love it when you talk dirty to me.

Iran Promises U.S. 'Harm And Pain'

But I have to draw the line at you pounding your pud in public.

'Vermont Town Meetings Vote to Impeach'

The Brussels Journal indicted for crimes against liars, hippies, peaceniks, and doublespeakers.

'Freedom and Security in Response to Terrorism' from the desk of George Handlery.

The case for prudent cognizance of the case for “security,” understood as not being an antonym of “freedom,” rests on an unpleasant truth: if the system of free societies is overthrown the “rights” we wish to nurture will be nixed. Life in Islamist dominated territories shows how.



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