Monday, March 06, 2006

George Clooney Frees the Slaves

"People refer to you differently after you've won an Oscar." Loose paraphrase from yesterday's broadcast. I've mostly always looked askance at bloggers who write about ordinary television. I often feel like screaming: "it's television!" But refrain. It almost seemed like Mr. Hollywood was begging. Begging for forgiveness. For the poor product, for decades of suburban postage stamp size screen multi/google-plexes. For near exclusive digital imagery/creation/effects, sound, and now projection.

Hollywood is not the mover of humankind. It is not its spirit or its consciousness. It did not create American culture out of whole cloth. Nor is it this country's greatest product, asset, or export. In a warm light, film can be art. And yes, a modern marvel. But not showing anymore displacement on the Richter scale than the automobile, the phonograph, electricity, the telephone, radio, or television.

And yes, sometimes it did approach, even attain magic. But, that magic is gone. Never to return. With the disappearance of real images caressing optical film, mechanical editing, analog sound, and optical projection. Goes the soft hand which cupped the heart. Which yanked the tear from the eye's corner. All gone. Hollywood is product. Good, bad, indifferent. No more magic.

We would overlook the political naivete, the childish optimism, even the killer robot chihuahua conspiracies. But the ground upon which the titans of tinseltown used to walk, is no more. Microwaves or movies, no difference. And now often sold under the same roof. So George, Mr. Clooney, I neocon blogger Elmo don't begrudge you your statuette, your liberalism. But your self reverence is just a little more than quaint. So, keep on keeping on. Doing whatever it is that you think you are actually doing. But Mr. "Academy Award Winner" you, and Hollywood, did not free the slaves.


Tuesday, March 7.

The horror! The horror!

Guests who took home gift-packed bags from Sunday's 78th Annual Academy Awards ceremony may have to pay $30,000 in taxes on their new acquisitions.

The bags, which included a $7,000 Victoria's Secret underwear set and a coupon for Lasik surgery, are worth approximately $100,000 each. And unfortunately for the celebrities present, the Unites States Inland Revenue Service has declared that the bags given to Oscar attendees count as taxable income.

The Academy Award Speech We Should Have Heard, by Dennis Prager.

I thank you for this wonderful award. Receiving an Academy Award gives the recipient an almost unique opportunity to speak to hundreds of millions people around the world, so I would like take this once-in-a-lifetime moment to say this: First, I want to thank my country, the United States of America. Every one of us here has this country to thank for enabling us to live lives of unprecedented freedom and unimaginable affluence.

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Thursday, March 9

'George Clooney is no Hero'



Blogger Omni said...

Far from representing the best of ANYTHING, Hollywood just shows us what the lowest common denominator of American taste is.

(Click here if you dare)

3:25 AM  
Blogger AnechoicRoom said...

Its all kind of strange really. The growth and change of the film industry. Innocence long gone, days of sitting in a darkend theater and being entertained, overjoyed. I haven't been inside one since walking out of Sin City a year ago.

5:52 AM  

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