Friday, March 24, 2006

Anechoic Room celebrates 10,000 visitors

Matt Drudge refuses comment.

Well, surprisingly, we rocketed up to six thousand hits in a matter of weeks. I guess a result of participating in the online Pajamas Media/Dennis the Peasant mudslingfest. But, once we dropped our interest, those eyeballs went away. Now, after noodling along here for five months, we're just one of thirty million other blogs (though we finally broke the top fifty thousand metric on Technorati). Sure, we can hunt for eyeballs, do the odd trackback, write the odd empty puff piece, and traipse around the same sites and stories (as evahboddy ailse). Sh*t, we even broke a hunnerd the other day, for the first time in a month, by doing a couple of trackbacks. But, that's neither here nor there. Despite our whining and bitching at not being a member of any snooty numerical club (let alone a wearer of PJ's), we wouldn't trade our daily 25-50 Googleless readers for anything. So, we'll just say Thank You [and later on have a drink ... (Cheers!!)]

Treating H5N1 bird flu in Hamastan:

bird flu has been detected at two farms in the Gaza Strip ... Gaza chicken farmers planned a protest later Friday, after government officials told them they would not be compensated for culled birds ... "They (the farmers) are preventing the culling because they want compensation before (hand)..."

Exercising freedom of speech in Hamastan:

'Gunmen destroy Bethlehem TV studio, suspending broadcasts'

Free Willy

'Piss-controlled urinal-based video games'

'Peeing: the video game'

No word on whether or not the Vice President's water closet is as yet, so equipped? But, Smoking Their Own Sausage is standing by, for the latest internet dreck (that they can dredge up). 'Dick Cheney's Suite Demands'

Reuter's slip is showing

'Paris job law rally turns violent'

Dozens of young people, many wearing masks or hoods, overturned cars, smashed shop windows and robbed (other) student demonstrators of (their) clothes and mobile phones ...

How that got by/made it into a Reuter's report is beyond me? All I can say is .... how positively French. The very essence.

Image hosting by Photobucket
Caption as per Fox: "A youth hits a press photographer with a burning cloth." (AP)

So long Addwaitya, we hardly knew ye ....

'Kolkata tortoise, Clive's pet, dies at 250 years'

Outside the Beltway linked with Other Humor: Anechoic Room has had 10,000 visitors.


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