Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Virtual BJ's for PJ's (Pajamas Media get's a hummer)

Well we will all wish them luck. In a general sense. Minus those of us who have a certain lack of good vibrations (as in being pimped, and then turned out). But, I'm not one of that crowd. My interest is likely as many, the media. Media story junkies. Stories about media and it's relationship to us.

So, it's kind of funny to see such slovenly/slavish reporting on the PJM debutante ball. Seems a relationship to old media behavior has already begun?

Anyway, let's hope they prove all the snark alecks wrong. I don't think they will. I don't think they have a ghost of a chance. Not for trying. But for trying to reinvent an already round wheel.

Great Googly woogly

Addendum, Wednesday, 12:12 a.m.

At least the Hindenburg got off the ground before it crashed. This ain't pretty. They are going to live stream this? That party is gonna be one frosty lil spot of denial. I'm willing to bet some get pie faced and have to be carried out. Shoot, I bet some get pie faced just so that they can face this virtual snarking squad of word sharpshooters.

Blindfold anyone?

In my best Tattoo impersonation (Fantasy Island anyone?) .....
Da Comments! Da Comments! ["Open Source Media"]

Steven Den Beste has the ruby scalpel.

Wednesday Nov. 16, 10:04 a.m. Pictures from the Rainbow Room.
No, I didn't expect to see them dancing (as alluded to previously).... but the windows kind of scare me (know what I mean?)


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